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Picking the Right One

When I meet a bride or a couple that are looking for a photographer for their wedding, I like to say I do not try to sell them anything but myself (I know that sounds bad but just keep reading I have point haha). The reason for this is because your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, you are connecting yourself to the person you want to be with and grow old with. So, when I say I only try to sell myself, it’s because you want someone you connect with and can have fun with to capture your day. You want you and your photographer to click just like you click with your future husband or wife. If you do not, your photos are going to show it. If you don’t have this it will show in your images, and you do not want to look back on your day and think about that.

I met this amazing young lady, her awesome Mom and Dad at a bridal show earlier this year, and we just clicked! I seriously went home from my bridal show and told my husband all about them and that I really hope they book me. I was so excited when she and her fiancé decide to let me capture their special day.

The other weekend me and my husband got to go out to Put-In-Bay to capture Brooke and David’s engagement session. This is also where their wedding is next year (I am seriously excited for this one, not that I am not excited for all my weddings ;-) but this is going to incredible!)! As we drove around the island and they showed me all the places. Where they are getting married and the reception site and all the remarkable places on the island, a million ideals came to mind on for their wedding day. Seriously a million because the island is such a unique place to get married. I love the different weddings, places you would not think about having a wedding can be some of the bests.

I think though, I am not just excited about the island and all the amazing images I am going to get, but I am even more excited because this family is so welcoming and loving. They are amazing, and you can see that in Brooke and David as well. I know this wedding is going to be prefect because of the people I am getting to capture. I love getting to know the couple and connecting with them but makes it so much more when the family is closely involved and I get to connect with them too! I had a blast getting to explore the island with these two, they were so easy to capture because I mean come on look how beautiful she is, and David just compliments hers completely. Their wedding day is going to be a walk on the island for me (see what I did there? Haha )

I guess what the point of all my rambling is, that I want to capture people that I connect with and know that I can bring something to their day for them. I want them to look back on their wedding day images and feel the love, fun and enjoyment of the day. If you do not enjoy being around your photographer then you aren't going to want to them to spend one of the most important days of your life with you. So, when choosing you photographer, make sure you want them there, I tell all of my clients this, and if they do not choose me that is okay because I want them to want me to be there. :-)

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