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Adventure is Out There

Here is a little something that you all might not know about me, I Brittaney Brandt am slightly obsessed with Disney :-) If you ask my husband he might leave out the slightly haha. With that said I got the pleasure of meeting this couple at a bridal show I did in January, and we just clicked the minute they told me how Jordan proposed to Jena. I maybe a little jealous of this I am not going to lie. He totally proposed to her at DISNEY WORLD, oh and there is a video and I got to see it, it was the best!

Needless to say, when they mentioned they wanted to do part of their engagement session themed with the Disney movie UP (which is one of my favorite Disney movies), I was sold and I think my excitement sold them too :-) When Jena and Jordan showed up for their engagement session, they looked completely adorable and I just so happen to have the grape soda pin from UP on my camera strap (thanks to my husband, like I said it is one of my favorites :-)) to finish the look off for them. This session was a blast, and I love the way it came out!

Well I guess I should move on seeing as I talked a lot about this part of the engagement session and there is still so much more to show. Their whole session was awesome. We had such a good time working together and I really cannot wait until October of next year for their wedding. I could go on all day about these two and how happy they are together. I love the way Jordan looks at Jena, with such love and pure joy. These two where made for each other, and I am so glad I get to capture part of their story.

I probably over shared a bit but oh well, I just love how this session came out :-) I am excited to watch these two wonderful people get married next year. I am also so excited to hopefully get to watch them grow together in married life and as a family as well. Thank you Jena and Jordan for letting me be a little part of your journey. I adore you both! Adventure is truly out there and it is just the beginning of your adventure together :-)

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