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Here we go again

Well it has been awhile! I am trying to get better at posting more regularly and posting blogs. I was trying to decide what my first blog back would be and I honestly started writing about three other before deleting and deciding to go this route. This blog will just be a highlights of what I have been up too since my last blog. The following ones will focus on one session or one topic.

I love that I don't just capture one type of event, I like that I get to capture and see people in all different stages of life. One of my favorite things is getting to watch families grow and capturing all those moments from the beginning to now. So below is what I did have been up to for the last several months! I cannot wait to share more of the stories that go along with the images below! This isn't all my sessions I have done but a highlight version of some of them!

Stay tuned for the stories behind all these lonely images and more soon! :-)

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