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About Me


My name is, of course, Brittaney Brandt. (I was a Wysocki before I got married and kind of miss my old last name. Haha, shhh do not tell my husband!) I have been married for twelve years now and my husband is the best (most days). We have two beautiful little girls and they are my everything. They are each a mini-me of one of us! I have been a photographer for about nine years now. I am licensed and insured and ready for anything and everything! I was also awarded The Knot Best of Wedding and Wedding Wire Couples Choice for 2021 and 2022.


I love my job. It gives me the flexibility I need with a military husband and two younger ones that still need me at home. Best of all, it gives me a chance to create and capture beautiful moments for others– a huge passion of mine. I gravitate towards candid images– I like catching the unfiltered moments of laughter, tears, and special looks during our session or your special day. ​


Some fun random facts about me:

  • I am a tiny bit sarcastic. I love to have fun and joke around, but I of course know when to be serious too.

  • I am Disney obsessed! Like, seriously, I might have a problem. Haha

  • I do not like or drink coffee (or basically any other caffeinated beverage). I may have the occasional Pepsi or orange soda but they are far and few between. Do not ask me how I function. I am still wondering that most days.

  • I have a photography bucket list of sessions that I want to shoot– ask me if you are interested! ​


That is basically me. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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