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Keep on coming back

I have got to see this couple grow into a family and it is one of my favorite parts of my job. From there engagement session to wedding, then their maternity session and now getting to capture their tiny human. It has been such an honor to be apart of their lives and watch them grow the past two years and I hope I get to continue to watch them grow together.

I want to share a little of their past before I show you there newest addition. Starting at the engagement session, I was so excited to work with these two when I met them. They are both so kind, loving and fun to work with. I knew these two loved each other and with each event I get to be part of I see it more and more.

Their wedding was beautiful, the love both of their families have for them is amazing to see. To be able to capture the love these too have for each other at such a young age isn't something you get to see everyday. It was easy to capture Brittany and Michael's wedding day because of all of this. I love all the sessions I do but weddings tend to be a favorite because as I am capturing the day, I am also thinking about the future and hoping I get to be apart of events to come, not just as the photographer ( although I love capturing the moments for you), but as a friend too. I don't want to just shoot your wedding, I want to be part of all the events that are to come.

I got to help them let everyone know they where having a little boy! This meant so much to be apart of their announcement, these are the things I want to capture. I want to watch families grow and help them be able to look back and enjoy these moments. Now on to the newest session I got to be apart of for them.

Welcome Aiden Michael, you are adorable, sweet, chunky, and so absolutely loved, not only by your mom and dad but both sides of your family. I cannot wait to watch you grow and hopefully get to capture many more events in your life. Thank you Brittany and Michael for choosing me over and over again to capture the wonderful moments of your life. You are not just clients to me and I will forever appreciate getting to watch your beautiful little family grow.

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