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It's a Birthday Unicorn

I do not even know where to start with this one because there are so many from this session that I loved! This little one is turning five soon, so we did a dual session, birthday and glitter! Now try and tell me that will not turn out awesome!

Oh and to top all that off she was a unicorn! This blog I am not going to write much because it is pretty much speaks for itself, the faces this little one gave and the variety of them is what made this session so great. She loved this and we had a blast! So just in enjoy all the faces of this awesome little girl who is about to five!

Okay I know I shared a lot but seriously guys she was so much fun to work with and you can totally tell from all the photos! This is still only some of the ones that I got! It was super hard to cut this one down and I hope I get to work with this little one and her family again soon! She traveled over about an hour to me to get this session and I like to think it was totally worth it for them!

Mom even join in for a couple too! We all know how I feel about that so I wont be a broken recorded today :-) I know I probably over shared with this one but hey when you have a birthday unicorn and glitter I just couldn't not share!

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