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Glitter Everywhere

I can only begin this one by saying I LOVE THESE SESSIONS! There is truly something magical when you let a kid make a mess and just enjoy it. They come so alive and are so freaking happy! The title above explains it all. There is literally glitter EVERYWHERE! The floor, under floor, all over the kid and even me and my camera!

But honestly I do not care, because you get images like this. Pure joy with this kid! He even brought his dinosaur for a couple of photos too! I am not picky or particular when it comes what I allow in the images because they are your images! So your kid wants to bring toys and stuffed animal bring them along! We will get a couple with and without them. I have also found this help the tiny ones relax and enjoy the photo session more. If you, the dog or anymore else wants to join in do it! I am not going to charge you more to include everyone.

Okay so the next set of images are by far my favorites, like they are hilarious if you ask me! Here is a hint we add mom into the mix with the glitter! Just scroll down now and take in the next couple images.

Mom may or may not of gotten a mouth full of glitter lol She was a great sport about it though and look at how happy he was that he got to throw glitter at mom! haha Now I know I said this in my last blog but here is my little reminder, JOIN IN THE PHOTOS WITH THEM! Fifteen years from now this mom will get to look back at this and laugh and hey they may even show up at his graduation who knows lol. Enjoy the moments, laugh at the mistakes and join in the photos so they can have the memories with you in them too :-)

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