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Girls, Mom and Glitter

I am not a writer by any means but I decided to start a blog with my photography because there is always so much to say when putting a Facebook or Instagram post up but not a enough room to put it. This is my first real blog post and I think this session was a fitting place to start.

So many times we get photos done it is only for our kids, grandkids, and so on. Very rarely do mom, dad or grandparents get into the photos. When this mom showed up for her sessions, she asked if she could be in a couple photos and I was so happy she asked to be(this is something I will never turn down). So so so many times we don't want to be in the photos because of all of our many reasons. But we are forgetting one very important thing..... these moments and photos aren't just for us. They are for those two little ones holding tightly in a hug on their mom, and for when they are older they can show there kids, friends and new family. They are for her parents to have of their daughter and two grandbabies. They are for so much more then we think at the moment that we are making up the excuses to not be in the photos.

When I am shooting a session and editing them, I look for all the little moments in between the traditional shot of everyone looking forward and smiling. Do not get me wrong I love those ones too, but look at the picture above and see how that little girl is looking at her mom. This is what I love, this is why I love what I do. I get to see how much that little one adores her mom and loves that mom is getting a picture with her. Next time you are going to get your kids photos done join them, do not let doubt and all your excuses take away these moments from your kids and family.

With the above being said there is the latter to that as well, you do not want to forget to get photos of just your kids. They are grow up so fast! Let me say that again seriously they grow up so fast. You blink and they are no longer babies. These two girls where a dream to work with. They where ready with the beautiful adorable smiles and just wait until we get to the part that they got to throw glitter around.

You could see how much these two enjoy being around each other. Laughing, playing joking around the whole time. I love these moments where the girls are just being themselves and hugging on each other. Again nothing against the looking and smiling photos love those too but the real moments ands laughs are what I love to capture.

And then there was glitter.... glitter everywhere.... but I loved it and so do they! You know why? because these girls loved throwing glitter and it shows. Who would of thought that? haha

By far one of the best shoots I have done to date are these glitter shoots. Trust me there will be more blogs that include these glitter shoots. Kids + Glitter= amazing sessions and so much fun!

To some it all up, get the pictures taken of your kids and include yourself in some of them. Let the kids have fun and do something different because those pictures are the best if you ask me. Make the funny face, hug and love every little moment you get. Enjoy, them in the now because before we all know it they will be grown and getting pictures of there little ones.

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